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Alternate history


Time and Time Again

Science fiction

What if the idea of the time machine had been implanted accidentally? To the wrong person, who proved to be a highly influential individual. What should be done?


Say Cheese

Urban dystopia

This is my homage to Jasper Fforde, whose alternative versions of reality have made me laugh and marvel at his imagination. Read The Eyre Affair to get you into his wonderful stories. I wrote this story amidst the events of Brexit!




I wrote this story during Covid-19 Lockdown but it isn't about that. It's a story that arose from a discussion with my daughter as we listed the foolhardy ways human beings chose to live their lives. We both agreed the ending is a likely scenario!




In this alternate universe, it is 1962. A time when nuclear radiation was the greatest threat and the most popular storytelling maguffin. Superheroes galore can claim their genesis from it. This is an affectionate parody of one of those characters.

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