SPFBO-18: A story about a story

July 30, 2018

 Once, upon a time that took longer than an elephant's gestation, a story was born. It wasn't an easy birth, there were complications, caused by such a long wait. However, as with any new arrival, it heralded the arrival of a new creation into the world and it was a joyous moment. 


Especially so because the story came in three parts; triplets.


For the creator of this new arrival, it was a momentous occasion. After years of trying - and failing - to conceive, there was evidence of all that hard work and commitment. It generated much happiness.


For some stories this might be the end of it. The story would go off into the world to be read by other people and there would be a happy ever after. Not so for this story. You see, it did not have a traditional background. In olden days it would have been called illegitimate. The modern terminology is, self-published.


Such a story faces enormous problems in the world. How is anyone to read it when no one knows of its existence? With an unconventional background this story faces the possibility of being shunned, to live its life in utter obscurity, for very few people to ever turn its pages and encounter the satisfaction it strives to provide.



It is, for this reason, the story must accept a challenge. To stand amidst its peers so others notice its existence, in a grade school called SPFBO. It will be reviewed, weighed in the scales of literary satisfaction so a verdict may be reached. A judgement which can plunge it back into dark obscurity or lift it into the light of publicity where people might come to read its pages. 


After such a protracted gestation and a difficult birth, to arrive into a loving if unconventional background, this story continues to strive for recognition. It sees others sparkle in the limelight but it isn't envious of their position, it has acknowledged struggle is part of life. It knows determination is vital. For this is a story forged in tenacity and it will not surrender to the darkness, it will continue to search for the light, to look for those it can entertain and thrill.


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