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August 24, 2019

I set up the British and Irish Writing Community at the beginning of 2019 so that we could offer support and encouragement to one another. The reaction has been incredible and full of energy - the development of the Bard of the Isles online magazine is an example.


Each edition contains short stories from different authors in the group. Membership is varied and this is reflected in the diverse range of stories - from the speculative to every day situations.


There are also articles which reflect the expertise in the group; editors, bloggers, illustrators and well-established writers who are household names.


There are also interviews with authors who have something important to talk about - which might be their new book (RJ Barker talked about his latest work, Bone Ships in the first edition) or an insight into their experiences as a writer.


Of course, there is the intention of promoting the work of our members but our aim is wider than that. We want to encourage networking too. That's why there's a page called Meet Our Authors which provides a profile for readers to learn more about them, find their books on Amazon or Goodreads and go to the author's own website.


We've done the same for Our Bloggers Friends - so readers can find out what they're saying in their latest reviews, or submit a book for review.


As I've said on our About BIWC page, writing is a lonely business. This writing Community aims to reduce some of that loneliness in an active and deliberate way by maintaining channels of communication - either by the magazine or by social media. People can talk to one another in our Facebook page, share questions, interesting information they've discovered, tell us about how plan to spend the week and, from time to time, promote their material. (Though we limit this to specific spots to avoid it becoming a market place!) There is also the Bard of the Isles twitter account to follow.


There is more information, about the British and Irish Writing Community on this site to check out too - author interviews, articles and even a market place with enabling links to Amazon.


Networking is the way to combat loneliness. Getting involved in the community is its first step. So, if you're not part of our community, come and join us. We'd love to meet you!

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August 24, 2019

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