The Bastard from Fairyland

Praise for the Bastard from Fairyland

'Absolutely enchanted with this story which has elements of Arthurian legend, Celtic lore and Shakespearian hints.'

'A different take on the fantasy genre … it stands out in a sea of others. It’s a hidden gem.’

‘Characterisation is excellent … the story unfolds at a cracking pace … the fight scenes are particularly evocative.’

'The prose is simply beautiful and I found myself at times really sympathizing with Robin as a tortured soul who is not accepted by anyone. He admits in the book that his fatal flaw is caring about what happens to others and we see this vividly through his actions and interactions.'

'This is a very ambitious book. There are so many themes and conflicts going on at the same time. It takes you to a Fantasy world unlike any other while reflecting our times in a very real way.'

Renegade from Two Realms

Praise for Renegade from Two Realms

'The novel has more focus on the political rivalry between the Dark and the Light courts and the truly evil experiments of Lord Taranis. We learn more about Robin’s alter-ego Puck and the reasons behind the war.
As with the first novel, there are some fantastic characters and refreshing takes on mythical creatures such as imps, pixies and fairies. Parker also makes a point of breaking down stereotypes, particularly relating to gender, race and sexuality. It’s good to see some strong female characters taking centre stage. The fight scenes are visceral and well drawn, and the tension remains high throughout the book.'

'New characters, like Luke, are well drawn whilst existing characters like Keir gain depth, particularly in his relationship with Darcel. The story's pace gets ramped up from book 1 which means this is a genuine page turner. For us lovers of 'Grimdark' fantasy realistically violent action scenes abound and are particularly well written.'

The Vengeance of Morgan le Fae

Praise for The Vengeance of Morgan le Fae:

'A thrilling finale to an exciting new trilogy which blends fantasy, myth, art and history to create a credible dystopian universe.
With humankind threatening nuclear destruction, the Light and Dark courts of the Fae world must put their long-standing hostilities aside and work together to find a diplomatic resolution.
Not easy in a world of political intrigue, betrayal and brutality. This is a fast-paced novel with plenty of twists and turns. Parker neatly ties up all the different strands of this complex story with a satisfying conclusion. I hope that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Robin Goodfellow…'


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