The importance of Glastonbury as a location

'The Bastard from Fairyland' is set in and around the Somerset town of Glastonbury because so many myths exist about this location as a gateway to Fairyland. It's also where King Arthur is supposed to have been buried (and his role becomes clear in the third novel of the trilogy). I spent a lot of time researching the history and the myths (and trying to work out which was which!) so I thought it would be worthwhile post it here. The people of Glastonbury are wonderful folk too and make the place well worth a visit.

Arthurian Legend and Morgan le Fae

Arthurian legend is rife as far as Glastonbury is concerned. He was supposed to have been buried in the Abbey, the Tor and its surroundings were reputed to be the Isle of Avalon where he was taken after being mortally wounded in the Battle of Camlann. Morgan le Fae is another part of this legend (as well as a key part of Book 3) and she is also linked to the town. So this section offers some insights to all this.

The Fairyland Factsheet

Our perceptions of fairies are largely dictated by the Victorians. If you could ask an Elizabethan person, they'd give you a very different point of view.

Here's some information from my research for The Knights' Protocol which you might find interesting.

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