Guest Articles

Phil Williams

Writing Careers as a Business

Are you dreaming of writing The Right Book to achieve published fame? Phil's practical and honest appraisal, based on personal experience,  will inform that dream! 

Matthew Olney

Tips for Indy Authors: Part 2 -Finding the Time

 Matt has a day job and has written 10 books. Who better to ask for advice? Here are his handy tips for making the most of your time

Jeremy Thackray

Political Fiction

How can the real world impact on world building in speculative fiction? Or should speculative fiction remain purely fantastical?  Here's a topic ripe for discussion..!

Jess Lawrence

How to self edit your work

Jess is a professional editor. We asked her to outline what is involved and offer tips for writers who want to edit their own work. Her suggestions are clear, logical & worth reading

Damien Larkin

What to keep in mind when writing fight scenes

Damien Larkin, author of military SF Big Red, ex-solder and black belt in Tae Kwon Do talks fight scenes and offers some helpful advice.

Darby Cupid

It's a living thing

Every writer knows the elation of finishing that first novel. Here Darby puts it into words and captures that feeling beautifully! It's a wonderfully honest appraisal worth reading!

Matthew Olney

Tips for Indy Authors: Part 1 - Planning

There's great advice here from our resident prolific self-published author. If you're a planner or a 'pantser', this is for you! 

Sue Tigney

Saying Goodbye to Old Friends

With the completion of her trilogy Sue found herself in the same position as many authors, confronting the strange feeling of saying goodbye to characters who'd become friends.


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