Robin Goodfellow is the main protagonist in The Knights' Protocol trilogy. As someone whose life is measured in centuries I wrote several short stories that helped define the guy. I wanted to see how he developed as a person over time.

In 'Pucked' we see events Robin mentions in Book 1, The Bastard of Fairyland. It explains his relationship with Shakespeare but also with another character he meets in the novel. He even refers to this event. Here we are in London, 1595.


After fleeing London, in this second part of Robin Goodfellow's life, we follow him to Italy. It's now 1603.

A theme of the novels is the intolerance of persecution of minority groups. Robin has suffered from this more than most, it's why he protects others in the same situation. In the first story Robin is carefree, here I wanted to see how he reacted when his emotional commitment was challenged.  

'No Worse Punishment'

In the third part of Robin Goodfellow's life history, time has moved on to 1962

He's living in Britain at a time when intolerance still exists. It will take another 5 years until homosexuality is legalised. The Cuban missile crisis has the world on a knife's edge, paranoia is everywhere. Not a good time for a coincidental encounter with creatures from the Fae realm. One of their number will appear at the start of the second novel in the trilogy.

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