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Damien's novel, Big Red, launches shortly and for that reason, I placed this ex-soldier in a windowless room, with naked light bulb and some seriously soft cushions and began the interrogation. 

Here's the summary of what he confessed. Big Red is a fantastic novel from the guy I think is the new Robert Heinlein.

Military SF

Damien Larkin

Cameron Johnston.jpg

Cameron Johnston is a Scottish writer of speculative fiction (usually a mix of fantasy and horror) and a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers' Circle since 2010. He is also a swordsman, gamer, enthusiast of archaeology and history, a fine ale drinker, builder of LEGO, and cat-slave. Here he talks about how he became a writer.

High fantasy

Cameron Johnston


Sean is an Aussie living in London so that perhaps that gives him a different perspective on the city where he sets his stories of werewolves and warlocks, glass ravens and a brass tortoise! He claims not to have seen any of these creatures yet but wonders if that's more about how well they blend in!

Urban fantasy

Sean Cunningham


Damien lives in Dublin, Ireland where he's a part-time Planning Analyst and full-time stay-at-home dad. Somehow he also finds time to write too! He's been a soldier, holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do so probably has no trouble writing fight sequences!

Damien's got some useful insights for all of us in his interview.

Military speculative fiction

Damien Larkin

Paul B.jpeg

Paul admits to being a real history nerd and his love of writing arises out of this passion. He's self-published. His second novel is set in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings and is called Thurkill’s Revenge.

Paul's got some handy tips too, which will help all of us who handle a day job as well as writing! 

Historical fiction

Paul Bernardi


Sarah has travelled extensively throughout south-east Asia, India and Japan and these experiences have influenced her writing. She's currently searching for representation for her first novel, The Web We Weave.

Sarah plans to start blogging about her travel experiences too.

Read Sarah's advice about writing partners...

Psychological Thrillers

Sarah Linley

sue tingey.jpg

Though Sue has always loved writing her 'big break' came when she got signed up by Jo Fletcher Books - for a 3 book deal!

Sue will be the first to add that success doesn't come easily, it's the product of hard work and determination - but we'll let Sue tell you more about that. Thank you Sue!

Romantic fantasy

Sue Tingey

s mckinnon.jpg

Steven is a finalist in SPFBO 2019 and so a self-published author yet he rates one of his greatest achievements as having a short story included in a Terry Pratchett anthology.

There's some fascinating insights into the thinking behind this highly successful debut novel that makes it well worth reading!

Epic fantasy

Steven McKinnon

Gareth Hanrahan.jpg

Gareth's debut novel The Gutter Prayer has stormed the fantasy world with its dark and original world building and exciting characters. 

His interview offers an insight into how he developed the book and built on his day-job, as a games designer, in imagining those awful monsters in Gutter Prayer!

Dark fantasy

Gareth Hanrahan

Phil Williams.jpg

Phil says he has always loved the idea of making fantasy believable and that writing is a collaborative process that includes the editor and the reader. 

He's also self-published and has some clear views on why he prefers that approach.

A lively and honest interview from the creator of Under Ordshaw.

Urban fantasy

Phil Williams

Mat Olney.jpg

This Worcester-based author is quite prolific, with 10 books and 2 audiobooks to his name. Matt is self-published and wouldn't want it any other way, in fact he and some friends set up their own indie publisher Firebound Books!

Matt's got a great story to tell of never letting obstacles defeat you!

Speculative fiction

Matthew Olney

Eileen Moynihan.jpg

After a career as a teacher, Eileen became the author of children's books: such as Rory Gumboots, The Reckolahesperus, Hattie and Jacques Love London and The Dreamsmith.

She's not only eager to entertain children with her stories but to collaborate with other writers too. Here's her interview...

Children's literature

Eileen Moynihan


Pam Livingstone describes herself as a 'crazy cat lady' who lives in Glasgow where she balances her day job of teaching with writing fantasy. 

She's currently having her novel edited professionally after positive reaction from a literary agent who she hopes will approve of the outcome. Here's her story so far...


PS Livingstone


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