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Modern Fairy Tales

Snow White.jpg

The Eight Miner

Humour/Social commentary

Where, these days, would you find a woman living with a bunch of men?

In reality TV, obviously! And we all know how those programmes are staged for dramatic effect - and the inevitable fall out that follows.

3 bears.jpg

Goldie and the Three Behrs

Humour/Social commentary

With an affectionate nod in the direction of Jasper Fforde and his Nursery Crime series, my version of Goldilocks might be set in a similar world but is probably a bit darker. See what you think.


Cindy's Story

Dark fairy tale/social commentary

The story of Cinderella is an ancient story, dating back two thousand years. Its premise remains unchanged, a girl suffering an awful life with an opportunity for escape. This story is equally as dark but the opportunity is pure fantasy.

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