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Myths & Tall Tales

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Thoroughly Pucked


This story was written as I worked on my novel, The Bastard from Fairyland. Its protagonist is the same though the novel is set in the near future. However, the secret mentioned here returns to cause a lot of trouble. (+ see 'Robin')




Recently I found this story that I wrote 10 years ago. I revisited it two years later when I started work on my first novel. It includes some of my original research. Robin changed a lot in subsequent iterations! Other ideas haven't!

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Quantum Abduction


Since medieval times, the abduction of children was well known, charms such as dairy chains were used to ward off the kidnapper. This story pursues what might happen if such a thing were to resume now.


Balkan Fairy Tale


I came across the story of the Lesovic while researching for a different story and this one evolved out of the idea of their mythology. The protagonist would later turn into another character I used in that other story I mentioned.


War of the Realms


This story weaves ancient myths into the problems faced by modern world. Stories of gateways to Fairyland can be found in many places but would anyone want to visit this filthy world of ours?




Darkness and isolation are fantastic elements to create suspense. This story proves why we should never put our trust in cats too.

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