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The Speculative Faction Book Title Generator

Finding the right title for your book is never easy. How do you capture its essence in a way that will 'hook' audiences in large numbers? Sure, the book cover does much of the work but titles come second! In another post, I've shown how crucial the title is for marketing and sales. Getting the language right, making it compelling is essential. Below are panels divided into categories with words that commonly feature in speculative fiction. It's an activity a lot of writers undertake, I've done the work for you. Try generating your title by combining them! See what you get.

Just to make it clear, there is no button here. You select the words and mix them together to see how they fit and how they sound. (A bit like Blind Date - but with words!). There are some at the foot of this post.

Here are some examples I've mixed together - I feel like I'm making cocktails here...

  • The Legacy of the Fallen Saviour

  • The Ravens' Oath

  • Dance in the Unicorn's Blood

  • The Howling and the Cursed

  • The Trials of the Emerald Queen

  • The Ruby's Fire

  • The Bone Dungeon

  • A Haven of Deception

  • Demon Magic and the Prophecy of Lead

  • The Copper Princess

  • Games that thieves and assassins play

I'm open to more suggestions if you have them!

I hope you find this resource helpful and you develop an awesome title for your story.


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