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Murder, She Thought

Whodunnit pastiche

There's a touch of Jasper Fforde craziness here with characters in a land of murder mysteries. With a sly poke at TV series like Midsummer Murders thrown in for good measure!


Undiscovered Country


Every character needs a moment of conception but defining them, as every author will tell you, isn't always easy. So what must it be like for the character?


Tales told by an idiot


Following on from the Shakespeare connection, this story explores what happens when a company tries its best to produce work by the Bard. Any actor will confirm the truth of these incidents.


Mr Frost's Contract


For those of you who dream of the day when your writing facilitates a life where you sip champagne, allow publishers to haggle over your books and bask in the money from the film rights - this is for you! Read that contract!


How did you know


Is love really just a narrative plot device? For many writers, it appears so. Whole genres are based on the premise. Love is one of those concepts that is never easy to write about. I mean, see for yourself...!

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