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I’m a huge fan of Jasper Fforde. His Thursday Next stories aren’t just funny, they’re incredibly clever and inventive. They’re stories set in an alternative world that’s similar to ours, except key moments in history have changed society. Wales is a separate nation, the Crimean War was a huge disaster. And you can enter the worlds created in books. Here's his site:

My short story is an homage to the great man…

Quantum Abduction

This story is very loosely linked to The Knights' Protocol trilogy in that it uses quantum portals and centres on the biggest problem the Fae have - their infertility. 

There are many myths surrounding this topic, long ago people believed babies were abducted by the Fae and changelings left in their place. I've updated that notion in this story and included some of those ancient reference points.

Rainbow Road

 ‘Let me tell you how I found the Rainbow Road,’ I say.

Three faces turn, fear written on them loud but not proud. Two are young men, in their twenties but it’s the lad who prompts me to tell my story. He needs distracting from the scenarios running through his head about how this will end. I catch his eye, hold it with a smile, one that says I understand. He swallows hard, looks like he could throw up any minute, we’re going to have a fine time with him once we get out to sea.

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