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How I can help?

I'm a writer as well as a reader of speculative fiction. I read a lot!

I believe this dual interest gives me insights into what you might want to know. I don't just reiterate the plot in my reviews, I prefer to comment on the IMPACT of the story, its characters and the world building within it.

I aim to provide honest feedback aimed to support and encourage.

What do I like to read?

I read most kinds of fantasy and science fiction. I love strong and dynamic characters who drive the story. I tend to avoid romance and won't read anything abusive in its violence or overtly erotic.

Favourite writers? Richard Morgan, Brent Weeks, Steven McKinnon, RJ Barker, Joe Abercrombie.

I won't review anything I don't like.

What can I offer?

I'm active on social media and will promote positive reviews regularly.

I've been a SPFBO judge.

I created the British & Irish Writing Community because I believe in the important of writers collaborating to help each other.

So I'd aim to support and promote your work if I enjoyed it.

If you'd like me to review your story, email me using the box below.