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Writing can be a lonely business. The British & Irish Writing Community aims to offer a source of support and inspiration to ensure we are not alone, there are others just like us, struggling to find the right words and summon the ideas that elude us. 

There are Interviews that share the lessons that have been learned, the tips that work, the pitfalls and the successes. You'll find articles offering insights into a variety of topics that authors have found works for them. We hope they help.

Social Media Forums



The #BritishIrishWritingCommunity hashtag on Twitter links you to lots of people who are excited by a network of people who are local, who have knowledge of your area and what's going on in it: from bookshops to literary festivals.

Our Facebook group is a forum where you can chat with other authors, talk about books you've read, problems you're facing, answers you've found or that you want to hear some specific advice. Social media can work for us!

Promotion and Sales

The Community that helps to promote your work

On the Community Market Stall page you can often see the latest work by members of the British & Irish Writing Community. There will be a short description of the book and a link to where it can be bought. 

This page will be a great location to promote the work of our community - to showcase what British and Irish authors are publishing. We can run sales and specific promotions from time to time (perhaps linked to local holidays?) 

The community works best when we support one another.


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