The Speculative Faction and me


Who am I?

I'm Phil Parker, an avid reader of speculative fiction and author.


I have been a judge in SPFBO5 and a founding member of the British & Irish Writing Community.

I enjoy sharing my love of this huge genre with others. Nearly as much as I love eating pizza and holidaying in Italy.

Why the Faction?

Fantasy and science fiction are genres which attract not only a large audience but a lot of writers - all of whom are passionate about the genre.

This is a meeting place.

There's plenty to read and your comments are always welcome. I hope there's stuff here that offers insights and ideas.

What does the faction include?

In my library there are different genres of stories:

  • alternate history

  • modern fairy tales

  • myths & tall tales

  • social commentary

  • pseudo-literary


There are book reviews and my blog has posts for writers and more generic issues too.