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The Chronicles of the Bastard, Robin Goodfellow

He may have been a fae warrior but Robin Goodfellow’s exile results in a centuries-long existence amongst humans. It means keeping a low profile. Except this battle-hardened, angry and bitter veteran can’t stand idly by. Not when Puck, his psychotic alter-ego, is ready to intervene. Plus, his own people may be hunting him too.

This anthology follows Robin through adventures that prepare him for what lies ahead. Because as the final story concludes, it leads him into the first book of the Knights’ Protocol trilogy. He becomes the Bastard from Fairyland. Living proof that fairy tales don’t always have happy endings, sometimes they’re violent and bloody.

Genre: Dark fantasy

Age range: 18+

Review comment: Fans of the series will enjoy delving into Robin’s gritty, blood soaked past, learning more about the stories often hinted at through the books. For newcomers, it sets the series up perfectly, giving some insights into Robin’s character and the heartbreak and need for justice that drives him.
If you’re a fan of well written Dark Fantasy stories, add this one to the list and check out the rest of the books! - Damien Larkin (Author, Big Red)

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