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The Valkyrie of Vanaheim

Frida Ransom has a secret, she is a human/Fae hybrid. A lonely one too. As a child, Frida’s mother made sure they lived a solitary existence so no one would discover the truth. The woman’s unexpected death, and a decade-long war with the Fae, increased the girl’s isolation.

Now, with the war over, humanity and the Fae must cooperate to overcome new challenges. Except factions on both sides of the inter-dimensional portals oppose this collaboration. A new dimension has been found, one humanity could colonise.

A mission to reconnoitre this new world takes shape and Frida finds herself included on the team. Her problems deepen when factions of humanity and Fae try to prevent the mission. A sequence of events shines a spotlight on Frida and her family heritage. For this eighteen-year-old young woman, its attention which threatens her sanity and places her in danger.

Beyond the spotlight, waiting in the darkness of their destination, something malevolent and cunning awaits. It needs Frida to fulfil its plans. Which, if successful, threatens the existence of humanity and the Fae.

Genre:                 Dark fantasy

Age suitability:    18+

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What have readers said?

"There is action aplenty in this book, with some heart-stopping battles, blending modern weaponry, advanced technology, and ancient magic. Lovers of a fast-paced plot will not be disappointed in this book. Parker keeps the tension on, and the reader praying their favourite players can survive the constant, epic conflict!"

P.L. Stuart, author of The Drowned Kingdom

"One of the things I enjoy about Mr. Parker's works is his ability to write fantastic yet flawed characters. Frida was an interesting main character to have in this story, someone who wants nothing more than to live a normal life, but is constantly shunned at every opportunity. Despite the abuse she suffers at the hands of so-called friends and enemies alike, she risks everything to do the right thing."

Damien Larkin, author of 'Big Red'

"The tension in THE VALKYRIE OF VANAHEIM is absolutely palatable and there were many times when it really had me on edge. The question of what the mission to Vanaheim would ultimately discover lent an air of suspense that made it such a fantastically paced story."

Nick Borelli, Out of this World blog

Click the cover to read the opening chapter of The Valkyrie of Vanaheim

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