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Surrealistic Planet

City of Onyx

People keep vanishing in Temz and the authorities don’t care. Life goes on as normal. Mages continue to age rapidly and die early deaths, from the toxic magical energy that pervades the city. No one cares about that either. Life in the city is all about survival. Or wealth and power. Or both.

It is Tadhg’s destiny to be the hero of this story. His mother said so.

Trouble is, this second-rate mage and lousy thief hardly fits the role. He’s impetuous, an irresponsible good-for-nothing. His one interest is the shapely, high-class courtesan, Zherah. He’s even thought about marrying her. If he had the money. Except, when she poisons him, he’s less sure about the idea.

Hardly a way to start a story; poisoning the hero. But it triggers events where Tadhg must use all his charm and wit to save the city. Admittedly, charm and wit aren’t much use when you’re risking your life.  Weapons would be better. But sometimes, a hero has to work with what they’re given.

 Fans of Jim Butcher and Patrick Samphire will enjoy this fantasy mystery.


“I loved City of Onyx! The characters are fantastically written, I really enjoyed the world building too. The ending is great! I love stories where I can’t predict what’s going to happen next.” 

 Damien Larkin, award-winning author of Big Red and Blood Red Sand.

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