The Knights Protocol trilogy

Doorways to Fairyland have always existed, humans just forgot they were there. The fae haven't. They used them to invade after rising sea levels have brought civilisation to its knees.

The fae are also a society in crisis. Their Light and Dark Courts have a history of conflict and dark forces are operating in the shadows. Power, ambition and vengeance blight both realms and will destroy them unless a centuries-long feud can be halted.


They don't know it but three people can make the difference.

  • Filidea, princess of the Light Court possesses the tenacity and intelligence to find the answers.

  • Keir, a servant in the Dark Court provides the vision.

  • Robin Goodfellow, a bitter and betrayed elite warrior of the fae, along with his psychotic alter-ego Puck, is the murderer whose actions will precipitate an explosive ending to the story.


Remember when Peter Pan calls out to the audience, "If you believe in fairies, clap your hands!"

Well, you might want to think twice about doing that for these fairies!

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