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Surrealistic Planet

The Knights Protocol trilogy

Doorways to Fairyland always existed, humans forgot about them. The fae didn't. They used them to invade after rising sea levels brought humanity to its knees.

The fae are also a society in crisis. Dark forces are operating in the shadows driven by ambition and vengeance.


A centuries-long feud explodes into fresh conflict which threatens the survival of both worlds.

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Three people can stop it. Trouble is, they are not aware of each other, they don't have the influence or power. In one case, he's not interested and worse still, his violent background means he is the perfect stooge to bring about the chaos that others are waiting for.

What have readers said?

Genre: Dark fantasy

Age:     18+

Click the button for my reading of the opening to The Bastard from Fairyland on YouTube.

This is effing brutal. There is blood, torture, death, violence, a world savaged by the Fae and under threat of total destruction. I loved it.

The prose is simply beautiful. It's a book that takes you to a Fantasy world unlike any other but also reflects our times in a very real way. A unique and fresh modern take on a genre that sorely needs more books like this.

A well told tale which combines Celtic myths, Arthurian legends, dystopian visions of a world ravaged by climate change and some good old blood and guts battles. Oh, and dragons. What's not to love?

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