The Bastard from Fairyland

‘I stared into the darkness and thought how it mirrored what was inside me, how it hid the demon others called Puck.’

The world’s sea levels have risen and washed civilisation away. Survival is a constant compromise, made worse when the Fae invade; a cruel and sadistic race eager to turn humanity into slaves. Robin Goodfellow is an elite Fae warrior with a long life steeped in blood and his loyalty rewarded by betrayal. Now he lives among humans, growing bitter and lonely, and wants no part in the war.

But Robin holds the key to victory for the Fae, the man who betrayed him demands his help and he’s brought Robin’s ex-lover along to ensure his cooperation. Trapped in the middle of the conflict and despised by both sides, Robin races across a flooded English landscape to rescue the two children who can help him make a difference.

What he doesn’t know is that powerful members of the Fae are manipulating him to succumb to his psychotic alter-ego, Puck, who’s ready to cause even more bloodshed.


Renegade of Two Realms

'This was the thanks I got for killing Llyr, stopping the war, leaving the Dark Court temporarily leaderless. Not only had I been branded a traitor by my own race, someone wanted me dead and no one cared.'

Robin remains trapped in limbo, still hated by the humans he’s saved as well as by his own race who think he’s a murderer. The secret he’s shared has triggered grave consequences for many people on both sides of the portals. Someone amongst the Fae wants him dead.

The only answer is to find out who’s sending assassins to kill him and that means returning to the land he’s called home, the same place where he’s now a wanted man. However, while human society is slowly rebuilding, Robin’s actions have triggered revolution at home and his presence there is going to make matters worse.

His manipulation by powerful people isn’t over either. Robin is about to become a tool to commit murder once again and, in the process, meet the man who has been his nemesis. The man who created Puck - and who plans to use him one last time.

The Vengeance of Morgan le Fae

'The difference between a hero and a villain is perspective'

A murderer in both realms, Robin is powerless to prevent humanity committing genocide and unable to stop the execution of the man he loves, while Fae society is about to explode into full-scale civil war. But Robin is no longer on his own, his allies are desperate to help, though time is against all of them.

If the feud between Fae and humanity can be healed then there is hope calamity can be avoided. The solution lies in a puzzle from beyond the grave, a lie so vast it has triggered heartache and war for centuries. Can people who are hellbent on destruction be persuaded to seek peace? Of course not.

It will take all of Robin’s wit and courage, along with his allies, to find answers to this mystery and fight those who have too much invested in the lie, to surrender. It’s a gamble Robin will take with his life.


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