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Write Off

“The problem is Alec, you’re living the plot of a soap opera — when you’re supposed to write it.”

As the villain of his story, Alec has turned everyone against him. When his professional and personal lives collide, Alec must face the truth, one he’s spent years hiding.

We are all formed by our life experiences, aren’t we?


Those events which shape us into the person we are today. Alec Wainwright’s experiences are all negative. A childhood filled with guilt and embarrassment, a disastrous collection of relationships with women and a career where pirates would feel more at home.


It’s easy to blame everyone else but the birds are coming home to roost. A huge flock of them. They’re not going to be scared away by sarcasm and bitterness either. No, Alec is about to find out there is no running away from the past.

Genre:               Contemporary fiction

Age suitability:  18+

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"The disasters and catastrophes that are the way life for Alex are, in one moment, really funny and the next will bring a tear to your eye."

"Really enjoyed this book. I laughed, cried and willed Alec to succeed, as he navigates his hectic and complicated life, the traumas tragedies and many tribulations he faces and encounters along the way."

"A great read, we will all at some point in the book, identify with the main character Alec. We all have moments from our past where, despite our best efforts, our parents, siblings, colleagues, friends define moments in our life. Highly recommended."

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